Media releases 2017

New Directors and Chairman for Plant Health Australia

29 November
Plant Health Australia (PHA), the not-for-profit coordinator of the plant biosecurity industry and government partnership in Australia, has three new non-executive Directors on its Board, plus a new Chair and Deputy Chair.

The new PHA non-executive Directors appointed at the PHA Annual General Meeting in Canberra are Dr Prue McMichael, Mr Kim Halbert and Mr Doug Phillips.

At the PHA Board meeting on the following day, Mr Steve McCutcheon was appointed as Chairman and Mr Robert Prince as Deputy Chair. Read more

PHA cooperating with New Zealand to fight plant pests and diseases

27 June
Following the recent discovery that the fungal plant disease myrtle rust has made it to New Zealand, Plant Health Australia (PHA) will be working in an international research partnership to address the new threat to New Zealand’s environment and plant industries.

The New Zealand Catalyst Fund supports international research partnerships and scientific cooperation. In this case, New Zealand researchers from Better Border Biosecurity (B3), Plant & Food Research (PFR) and Scion have been successful in their bid for funds to work closely with PHA, which will lead the Australian end of the research collaboration. Read more

Report shows how Australia is protected from plant pests

22 June
The ninth edition of the National Plant Biosecurity Status Report was released this week, revealing the huge effort that goes into keeping Australia free from new plant pests.  The report includes a listing of hundreds of scientific projects that Australians are doing to provide answers to problems that Australians face.

Plant Health Australia (PHA) produces the report each year to document Australia’s relative lack of serious pests of agriculture together with the workings of the system that keeps it that way. Read more

National plant biosecurity effort shifts to next gear

28 April
Off the back the nation’s plant Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) announcing they would unite efforts to strengthen Australian plant biosecurity last month, the partnership has appointed a Chair, implemented a management plan and is in the process of recruiting a program director to oversee operations of the new initiative.

The group – comprising Wine Australia; Forest Wood Products Australia; Cotton Research and Development Corporation; Grains Research and Development Corporation; Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation; Sugar Research Australia and Horticulture Innovation Australia – elected Plant Health Australia chief executive Greg Fraser as Chair. Read more

Online training brings beekeepers up to standard

28 April
A new online training course was launched by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) and Plant Health Australia this week, to make it easy for beekeepers to find out how to care for honey bees in accordance with the new Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice. Read more

New program director to coordinate plant biosecurity science

30 March
Following the recent announcement that plant rural research and development corporations (RDCs) have agreed to work more closely together to maximise opportunities for collaboration, Hort Innovation and Plant Health Australia (PHA) are to appoint a new program director to coordinate plant biosecurity science across the seven plant-based RDCs. Read more

New farm biosecurity manual released for sugarcane producers

9 March
Sugarcane producers have a new guide to farm biosecurity measures to reduce the risks of weeds, pests, and diseases impacting production following the release of the Biosecurity Manual for Sugarcane Producers. Read more