Media releases 2019

International Year of Plant Health for 2020

December 19, 2019
Australia will be making the most of the International Year of Plant Health in 2020 by promoting how much Australians value plants, and how we can best protect them.

Executive Director and CEO of PHA, Greg Fraser, said this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of protecting plants from pests and diseases. Read more

A biosecurity plan for the sweetpotato industry

December 13, 2019
Australia’s sweetpotato industry is now be better prepared for the risk of new pests and diseases from overseas following the release of a biosecurity plan for the industry.

The plan identifies the high priority exotic pests and diseases of sweetpotato, and actions industry and government can take to protect against them. Read more

Spring clean to keep insects out

25 September
With the arrival of spring’s warmer temperatures and longer days, harvest planning and preparation are front of mind.

During this time of preparation, Grains Biosecurity Officer Jim Moran recommends considering your tactics for controlling insects while harvesting, handling and storing new grain. Read more

Springtime grain inspection tips for Victoria

25 September
A good grain growing season has Victorian grain farmers on track for a fantastic harvest but there is still the risk of adversity between now and then in the form of a new unwelcome pest or disease.

“Most areas enjoy good soil moisture, plenty of sunshine and stable grain prices and we have every right to expect an excellent crop, despite predictions of a drier than average spring,” says Grains Biosecurity Officer for Victoria Jim Moran. Read more

Strengthening Australia’s defence against fruit fly threat

16 September
Australia’s effort to manage fruit flies nationally has been bolstered with the extension of funding for the National Fruit Fly Council, the appointment of a new manager and a planned update of the National Fruit Fly Strategy.

Fruit flies threaten a substantial portion of Australia’s $11.31 billion horticulture sector and can be a major constraint to domestic and international trade. Read more

Latest snapshot of plant biosecurity system released

23 August
Plant Health Australia (PHA) is pleased to release the National Plant Biosecurity Status Report for 2018 which documents some of the key events of the year and the many layers of the plant biosecurity system that is protecting our plant industries and our environment.
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New grains biosecurity officer for NSW

3 June
After decades of working with broadacre farmers across the country, Bill Gordon is looking forward to the challenges presented in his new role as the Grains Biosecurity Officer for NSW.

Employed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Bill will be working in the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program which is funded by Grain Producers Australia and managed by Plant Health Australia.
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Break the pest cycle before sowing

7 May
With challenging and dry conditions prevailing this year, Grains Biosecurity Officer Jim Moran recommends staying one step ahead of pests by using farm biosecurity practices before and during sowing.

“Simple things can save you money in the long run by reducing the introduction and spread of pests, diseases and weeds on your property,” explained Jim.
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Credit to partners in NT banana freckle eradication

18 February
The recent announcement of national freedom from banana freckle is a credit to all partners involved in eradicating the disease.

It is the considered, dedicated and long-term effort of Australia’s commercial banana growers, the Northern Territory public and government agencies that resulted in this positive outcome.
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Post-harvest jobs to protect stored grain from pests

14 January
Post-harvest is the perfect time to do three simple on-farm hygiene jobs to protect your stored grain from pests.

Kym McIntyre from the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program advises that over summer is a good time to clean your unused grain storage and handling equipment and clear piles of grain residues on your farm.
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