New Directors and Chairman for Plant Health Australia

November 29, 2017

Plant Health Australia (PHA), the not-for-profit coordinator of the plant biosecurity industry and government partnership in Australia, has three new non-executive Directors on its Board, plus a new Chair and Deputy Chair.

The new PHA non-executive Directors appointed at the PHA Annual General Meeting in Canberra are Dr Prue McMichael, Mr Kim Halbert and Mr Doug Phillips.

At the PHA Board meeting on the following day, Mr Steve McCutcheon was appointed as Chairman and Mr Robert Prince as Deputy Chair.

Mr McCutcheon thanked the outgoing Directors, including Darral Ashton who stepped down from the Board after twelve years as a Director, including two years as Chairman.

“On behalf of PHA, I would like thank Julie Bird, Dr Bruce Kefford and my predecessor Darral Ashton, for their commitment to plant biosecurity during their time as Directors,” Mr McCutcheon said.

“I also welcome the new non-executive directors who bring great skills to the Board along with increased geographic diversity, which is important for our national organisation,” Mr McCutcheon added.

Executive Director and CEO of PHA, Greg Fraser, welcomed Mr McCutcheon to the Chairman’s role, and commended Darral Ashton for his decades of service to plant biosecurity.

The resolution accepting the three new Directors, and reappointing Liz Alexander for another four year term, followed a selection process involving government and industry representatives.