May member meetings and special workshop

April 26, 2016

Members of Plant Health Australia (PHA) are reminded that the next meetings will be on 31 May 2016 at the Holiday Inn, Melbourne Airport. The member meetings will be followed by a special workshop on 1 June about Xylella fastidiosa, an invasive bacterial plant pathogen that affects over 200 commercial and ornamental plant species.

The disease caused by Xylella is known by a range of common names, including: Pierce’s disease, California vine disease, Anaheim disease (in grapevine), alfalfa dwarf disease (in lucerne), phony disease (in peach), leaf scald (in plum), quick decline (in olive), leaf scorch (in coffee, almond, blueberry, olive, oleander, elm, oak, plane, mulberry, maple), and variegated chlorosis (in citrus).

Xylella is spreading around the world, and although it is not present in Australia it is of major concern to Australia’s plant industries.

The workshop aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced identification, awareness and coordination of national preparedness activities for Xylella for key stakeholders.
  • Enhanced understanding by workshop participants of the industries impacted by Xylella.
  • Knowledge of current status of preparedness activities, identification of gaps in preparedness efforts and plan for how these gaps might be addressed.
  • Outlines for future areas of investment for Xylella biosecurity preparedness.

Attendees will have the opportunity to evaluate and discuss the progress of work undertaken by their organisations related to above outcomes.

The workshop has been funded by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

The agenda and further details will be provided when they are available. If you have received an invitation, please RSVP by Friday 29 April 2016 to Victoria Ludowici on 02 6215 7712 or  [email protected]. Places are limited, but if you would like to attend and have not received an invitation, please contact Victoria to discuss.