Launch of new Farm Biosecurity videos

December 4, 2015

The latest two videos produced by the Farm Biosecurity Program in the ‘biosecurity essentials’ series were launched at the PHA-AHA Joint Industry Forum on 24 November.

One of the videos is on the importance of training staff, biosecurity planning and keeping records. The other is about the biosecurity risks associated with feral or wild animals and weeds. They feature crop and livestock producers who use simple steps to improve biosecurity in their day-to-day activities. The most recent videos add to the information included in four earlier ones that highlighted the importance of managing the biosecurity risks associated with people, vehicles and equipment, and moving anything on or off a property.

PHA’s National Manager, Horticultural Cropping, Alison Saunders, talked about ways in which the resources produced by the program can be used by industry groups to assist their members to implement biosecurity on-farm. She encouraged industries to use both the videos and the Farm Biosecurity Action Planner during training sessions with their members to create tailored plans to implement biosecurity on-farm.

The activities of the Farm Biosecurity Program for the next few months were previewed, including advertising the availability of the videos, filming footage for the final video in the series, and the release of an app.

The Farm Biosecurity Program is run by Plant Health Australia and Animal Health Australia. Practical advice and information to assist producers to implement biosecurity on-farm – including a monthly e-newsletter, videos, biosecurity manuals and templates for records – is available through the program website.

To view the videos go to  or the FarmBiosecurity YouTube channel.