Irradiation to manage phytosanitary risk

July 13, 2016

PHA’s Ellen Pope attended a workshop from 14 to 17 June on the use of irradiation to manage phytosanitary risk.

The workshop was held to share expertise with counterpart public-sector institutions in the Asian region, to promote confidence in the use of irradiation as a phytosanitary treatment, and to strengthen economic development through enhanced trade opportunities.

Participants at the workshop came from the Australian and state and territory governments, and neighbouring countries including Indonesia, Brunei, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand and Vietnam. The workshops covered the technical aspects and advantages of this treatment option, as well as the emotive and educational components. Experiences from other countries were included, with a very informative talk about consumer acceptance and the New Zealand experience of importing irradiated mangoes from Australia over the last 10 years. The workshop also included a site visit to Steritech’s irradiation facility at Narangbar.