Final call to find out what’s in your silo

May 19, 2015

Victorian Grains Biosecurity Officer, Jim Moran, wants to visit more farms to collect insects in and around grain storages as part of a major effort to measure stored grain insect resistance.

Jim says that we need to know where resistance exists now to minimise its impact in the future through more informed management strategies.

“Insect resistance to chemicals threatens the livelihood of grain growers,” Jim said.

“It leads to wasted time, money, effort and destroys grain, lowering quality and income. New chemicals take a long time to develop, so insect resistance in grain storages needs to be managed carefully.”

Jim added, “In Victoria, I’ve taken samples from 50 farms already and I’m looking for another 50. I’ll go anywhere, just let me know if you’d like to take part. Each insect species will be tested with at least one phosphine assay and 2-4 grain protectant assays.

“This is the final call.  It’s first in, best dressed.”

The project, funded by the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre, aims to find out how many insects in grains stores across Australia are resistant to commonly used pesticides.

Armed with this knowledge, policy makers, farmers and chemical industry players can better plan to respond to this serious but largely unquantified issue at a national level.

Once on site Jim will explain the sampling process and ask about the commodity stored, pesticides used and any pest problems. All visits and results are confidential.

Jim also has farm biosecurity fence signs and grain grower biosecurity manuals available to give away. He can be contacted by phone on 03 5430 4479 or by email at [email protected].