Exercise Haryana – National Delimitation activities

March 11, 2016

Exercise Haryana is being run to gain a better idea of how prepared Australia is for a Karnal bunt incursion, and to improve our ability to implement a rapid national response to Karnal bunt should it be detected.

The National Delimitation activities that form the second phase of Exercise Haryana will run from March until early May. During this time the state departments of agriculture in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in Canberra, will run events to plan, develop and carry out simulated surveillance and tracing activities that could occur after the initial detection of Karnal bunt.

The National Delimitation activities will focus on:

  • tracing grain consignments through bulk handling systems, farms and transport operations
  • developing a national surveillance plan to delimit Karnal bunt
  • implementing state-based responses
  • collecting representative grain samples from various types of grain storages
  • determining the resources required to complete the delimitation.

Following the activities, a national debrief will identify the individual and combined learnings from participants in each department.

The results from the national debrief will inform the third and final instalment of Exercise Haryana scheduled for the second half of 2016, focussing on decision making during a Karnal bunt incursion.