Citrus ORC framework available

December 4, 2015

Recently the citrus industry achieved a significant milestone for its growers through the development a new Owner Reimbursement Costs (ORC) Evidence Framework for citrus crops. Notably, the newly developed framework now places the citrus industry in a significantly improved position in the event of any future emergency plant pest responses in instances where affected growers are eligible for reimbursement as a result of losses during a response.

ORC payments are intended to reduce the impact on growers caused by an emergency plant pest and the response to that pest, and ORC evidence frameworks are the mechanism which allows payments to growers to be calculated. In 1994-96, the citrus industry faced considerable challenges and costs through the eradication of citrus canker from Australia. During this time neither the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed nor ORCs were in place, reducing options for reimbursement to growers affected by this pest. Should another citrus emergency plant pest become an issue in Australia, the citrus industry is now much better prepared – both through this framework and other preparedness activities they have undertaken.

PHA would like to thank Citrus Australia for their considerable work in developing the Citrus Industry ORC Evidence Framework, which was undertaken as part of the Horticulture Innovation Australia funded project Protecting Australia’s Citrus Industry from Biosecurity Threats. This project continues to be facilitated by PHA to improve biosecurity planning, preparedness and awareness throughout the citrus industry, with a number of significant outputs still to come.

For more information on ORCs, including a number of other endorsed ORC evidence frameworks, please visit the PHA website – ORCs. To commence the development of an ORC evidence framework for your industry’s crop sector, please contact Peta Hudson to discuss your options.