Neonicotinoids and other insecticides

Neonicotinoids and other insecticidesNeonicotinoids and other insecticides – research and stewardship symposium

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Symposium report

Neonicotinoids and other insecticides: Research and stewardship symposium

Program and presentations

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Presenter & presentations
8:20 Welcome and introduction Chair, Rod Turner, Plant Health Australia
  Session: Honey bees and pollination     
8:30 The honey bee industry in Australia
• Overview and structure  of the honey bee industry
• Issues facing the honey bee industry 
Trevor Weatherhead
Executive Director, AHBIC
9:00 Pollination of crops and the role of honey bees
• The current state of crop pollination in Australia
• Bee and crop interactions
• The global debate
• Other pollinators/invertebrates
Dr Saul Cunningham
Group Leader, Ecology Program
Sustainable Agriculture Flagship
9:30 Best practice pollination of canola – a growers perspective Andrew Weidermann
Chairman, GPA
9:45 Best practice pollination – a beekeepers perspective

Ben Hooper
SA Beekeeper
Danny Le Feuvre

Director, Australian Bee Services

10:15 Best practice pollination of apples – a growers perspective  Ralph Wilson
Owner, Wilgro Orchards
10:30 Morning tea   
  Session: Neonicotinoids: a global context  
11:00 Bee health in the USA and the debate about neonicotinoids (video presentation) Dr Thomas Steeger
Senior Science Advisor, USEPA
11:45 Global development of tests to assess the impact of pesticides on bees Chris Lee-Steere
Director, AEA
12:00 Lunch  
  Session: Research and stewardship of neonicotinoids  
1:00 International regulatory approaches and bee safety testing
• Honeybee risk assessments and lab to field extrapolations
Dr Helen Thompson
Principal Technical Expert
1:30  International regulatory approaches and bee safety testing
• Evidence beyond the regulatory data base and novel exposure pathways

Dr Christian Maus
Global Pollinator Safety
Manager, Bayer CropScience

2:00 Product stewardship for neonicotinoids and other insecticides
• Manufacture of seed treatment products
• Professional (mobile) seed treaters using products
• Growers treating their own seed on-farm
• Growers planting treated seed

Alastair James
Policy Manager, Agchem Regulation & Stewardship
CropLife Australia

2:30 Afternoon tea  
  Session: Regulation of chemicals and neonicotinoids  
3:00 APVMA bee health and neonicotinoid review
• Honeybee health in Australia and overseas
• What the neonicotinoids are and how they are used
• Their likely risks to insect pollinators in Australia
• Their risks in relation to other pesticides
• Additional risk management strategies
• Next steps for the APVMA

Dr Les Davies
Chief Regulatory Scientist
Pesticides, APVMA

4:00 Q&A from the floor with expert panel Chair, All
5:00 Summary and close of symposium Chair