Mila Bristow

General Manager, Partnerships and Innovation

Mila leads the national approach to partnership innovation to achieve PHA’s strategic goals from our new corporate Strategic Plan 2022-2027. Her team connects strategies, support plant industries to adopt biosecurity practices, integrate data and technology for improved decision-making, and improve our ability to identity and detect plant biosecurity threats to strengthen the Australian plant biosecurity system for the benefit of the economy, environment and community.

Mila has a wealth of experience, an established network across agricultural industries, is well-versed in the priorities and directions of Australian agriculture, and has valuable Incident Controller experience.

Mila maintains a strong interest and involvement in tropical forestry, particularly Indigenous-led forestry in northern Australia.

In a past role as Senior Manager Research at AgriFutures Australia, she managed research, development and extension in levied industries and involvement in cross-RDC climate change projects.