David Gale

Manager, Digital Systems

David began working at PHA in February 2017 as a Project Officer. In December 2019 he became the Manager, Data Management and Surveillance Communities and in December 2021 commenced his role as Manager, Digital Systems.

He completed a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in 2009 and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2010. Prior to joining PHA David undertook a Masters of Philosophy project investigating the way in which certain composts act to ameliorate acid sulphate soils in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Between his honours and masters projects David worked as a Graduate Officer at NSW Department of Primary Industries, with a focus on plant pathology and greenhouse horticulture research.

In his role as Manager, Digital Systems, David oversees AUSPestCheck™, the Pest and Disease Image Library (PaDIL) and the Australian Plant Pest Database (APPD).