Prue McMichael


Dr Prue McMichael is a career plant pathologist operating predominantly in horticulture and viticulture. She has had broad exposure to southern Australian production regions and industries, including grapes, almonds, pistachios, citrus, nursery, vegetables, and potatoes.

Prue’s technical skills in plant health management, industry development, biosecurity, diagnostics and risk assessment, have been applied across Australia and California on-farm, and in research and extension roles. She has extensive experience with practical biosecurity initiatives and on-farm activities that minimise pest and business impact. Of particular interest to her are planting material schemes and the determination of ‘high health’ parameters and ‘quality’ assurances.

Prue is a Fellow of the Ag Institute Australia, Chair of Vinehealth Australia, and serves in SA branches of the GM Crop Advisory Committee, Australasian Plant Pathology Society, and Ag Institute Australia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Adelaide, and from the University of California, Davis, with MSc and PhD degrees in Plant Pathology.