Sugarcane biosecurity

March 11, 2015

On 11 February, PHA’s Project Officer, Sam Malfroy, and Alison Saunders, Program Manager for Biosecurity Planning and Implementation, ran the Sugarcane Industry Biosecurity Group meeting at the Sugar Research Australia (SRA) office in Indooroopilly, Queensland. Attendees included SRA experts, Canegrowers, Australian Sugar Milling Council and Productivity Services.

The workshop discussed and rated the exotic pests of sugarcane, which is part of the process of revising the biosecurity plan for the industry that PHA has been tasked to do by the Plant Health Committee.

On 2 March, Sam Malfroy also attended the ‘Sugarcane diseases advanced workshop’ for sugarcane growers, organised by SRA and held at their research facility at Woodford, Queensland.

Sam provided a presentation on general biosecurity practices in the sugarcane industry and the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed. He also outlined a project to revise the biosecurity plan for the industry and develop a manual for growers.