Plant Health Committee Communiqué – PHC47

July 30, 2015

The Plant Health Committee (PHC) held its forty-seventh meeting in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, in June 2015. The key issues for discussion at the meeting related to:

  • application of the draft National Framework for Management of Established Pests and Diseases of National Significance in the plant biosecurity sector
  • interstate trade reform and progress of recent initiatives in strengthening, streamlining and harmonising trade processes
  • implementation of the National Minimum Data Standard for Plant Health Surveillance
  • progress in the development of the Beekeeping Code of Practice and other honey bee management activities
  • progress in enhancing preparedness for Karnal bunt.

During the meeting, two field trips were undertaken: the first to a vineyard in the Maroondah Phylloxera Infested Zone to discuss the challenges faced by growers within that zone; the second to Dalton Reserve, Harkaway, to see the giant pine scale (Marchalina hellenica) eradication program first hand. The field trips were extremely informative and demonstrate the breadth and depth of the national plant biosecurity system and the issues plant health managers deal with.