Farm Biosecurity Program

Recognising the generic nature of many on-farm biosecurity practices and the prevalence of mixed farming in Australia, PHA manages the Farm Biosecurity Program jointly with Animal Health Australia (AHA).

Under the Farm Biosecurity banner, PHA informs and educates producers about the biosecurity risks that they face and illustrates simple strategies that can reduce the threat, such as good farm hygiene and early reporting of suspicious symptoms. The tagline is ‘Secure your farm: Secure your future’.

Through the Farm Biosecurity Program, PHA sponsors the Australian Biosecurity Farmer of the Year Award in the plant category, part of the Australian Farmer of the Year Awards. Showcasing Australian producers who implement best practice biosecurity measures gains valuable media coverage for the program and assists in raising awareness of on-farm biosecurity.

Practical advice and information to assist producers – including a monthly e-newsletter, videos, manuals and record sheets – is available through the Farm Biosecurity website.

Importantly, the Farm Biosecurity Program helps industries and governments meet their obligations under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed. The project also helps to deliver objectives of the National Plant Biosecurity Strategy and contributes to reforms proposed in the Beale Review of Australia’s biosecurity system.

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