March PHA Regional Member Meetings

April 15, 2015

PHA senior managers recently presented the draft Annual Operational Plan (AOP) and related matters at the Regional Member Meetings in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane on 24, 26 and 31 March. The AOP meetings are an opportunity for PHA members to comment on and provide input into the PHA planning process for the coming year.

General Manager Emergency Response & Preparedness, Susanna Driessen, presented an update on Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD) matters, including activities related to current incidents, emergency response training, categorisation of a number of pests, and the proposed scope and timeline of the 5-year review of the EPPRD.

General Manager Risk Management, Rod Turner, presented the PHA 2014-15 Mid-Year Performance Report, discussing progress on the development or review of industry biosecurity plans, various biosecurity programs (grains, honey bee, citrus, vegetable), pesticide projects, and the development of biosecurity manuals for grains, citrus and plantation timber producers.

Rod Turner also provided an update on the development of the National Plant Biosecurity RD&E Strategy, and the connections between the RD&E Strategy and other current activities, including the work of the National Fruit Fly Strategy Advisory Committee.

Nicholas Woods, Program Manager for National Strategies & Policy Coordination, discussed progress on the implementation of the recommendations of the National Plant Biosecurity Strategy, including an industry focussed implementation plan for 2015-19, based on a gap analysis of what has been achieved so far. Nick also spoke about the development of the ‘Plant Biosecurity Virtual Coordination Centre’.

The Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer, Michael Milne, discussed the financial performance and forecast for 2015-16, and the draft subscriptions for 2015-16.

The feedback obtained from members attending the meetings is very much appreciated. The presentations (which provide further details of topics discussed) are available on the PHA website.

Copies of PHA’s Mid-Year Performance Report are also available.