Stephen Dibley

National Manager, Preparedness, Diagnostics and RD&E

Dr Stephen Dibley joined PHA in August 2008 as a Project Officer to assist in the review of Industry Biosecurity Plans, implementation of on-farm biosecurity programs and contingency planning for the grains industry. Stephen was promoted in March 2010 to the role of Manager for Training and Biosecurity Preparedness. In May 2019 he moved into the role of National Manager, Preparedness, Diagnostics and RD&E.

Stephen has a PhD from the University of Newcastle completed in 2005. His thesis research was on molecular investigations into the role of hexose/H+ symporters in sugar accumulation of the developing tomato fruit. Stephen also carried out post-doctoral research at the University of Newcastle between 2005 and 2008 into the control of cell wall deposition in specialised transport cells of Faba bean cotyledons.